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Limit: 1 Class
Programs: All Levels, Level 1
Location: CrossFit Virtuosity
$30.00 for existing Wodify Athletes
Free Trial
Limit: 1 Class
Programs: Level 1
Location: CrossFit Virtuosity
CrossFit: 10-Class Card

If you are a new CrossFit athlete, please review the information at to learn about getting started with us.  This membership initially allows you to attend Level 1 classes only!

If you are a veteran CrossFit athlete, please e-mail to learn how to test into Level 2.

Please note that all memberships and private training sessions are non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and non-transferrable. 

All monthly memberships auto-renew by default, and class cards expire after 1 year.  You will receive a reminder e-mail prior to any renewal date, and can change your membership at any time by responding to any of those e-mails.

Our complete membership policies are available for your review at
Limit: 10 Sessions
Programs: All Levels, Level 1, Running / Endurance
LocationsCrossFit Virtuosity
Private Intro to Strength Training
If you’re new to Powerlifting or have never been coached, we ask that you complete three private introductory sessions before proceeding to group class. These sessions will teach you the basics of Powerlifting, ensure that you’re moving safely and with good form, and set you up for success in the group setting!
Limit: 3 Sessions
Programs: Private Client
LocationsCrossFit Virtuosity
From $300.00